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Elevated Engineering Project House, Overlooking Lough Derg

  • Castlelough 2012
  • Project Value: € N/A
  • Client: Shinnors
  • Year: 2012

    This large Elevated Engineering Project house incorporated many features normally associated with a large scale commercial build. Architecturally the building achieves extremely high standards with the design allowing full benefit of the site’s lake views and sunlight.

    The building structure incorporates structural steelwork framing, masonry and precast loadbearing elements as well as considerable areas of reinforced concrete.

More Information

This house is located on an elevated site overlooking Lough Derg. The brief required a large house, and as such the volume of the house has been articulated to reduce the overall visual impact.

The solar space is the main feature of the south wing of the house. It has been designed to capture stunning views of the Arra mountain range to the south of the site.

The house nestles into the site with the lower floor recessed below the existing contours in order to ensure the overall height of the dwelling is below the maximum allowable for the lake area.

The house is constructed as a low energy dwelling to a high specification with an extremely air tight envelope.

The layout is designed to maximise passive solar gain, and uses a heat recovery system to recycle the heated stale air as it is removed from the dwelling.

The external aesthetic is limited to plain white render finish in conjunction with elements of cedar shiplap timber cladding, and slate stone cladding. The roof of the dwelling is predominantly clad in a natural slate roof warm roof, with the solar space accented in pre-weathered zinc. The window system is in triple glazed alu-clad.