Working hard to produce tailored design solutions which are efficient and buildable, resulting in an economic use of materials and savings on a build cost.

Clients in recent years have become more aware of building costs as margins have shrunk. Higher value is now placed on looking at all aspects of a project’s costs, including the engineered solutions provided by their engineering consultants.

Recent advances in the thermal performance of our buildings has led to a requirement for Architects, Engineers and clients to all work closely in achieving modern buildings which look good, use less energy to construct and operate and are cost efficient to construct.

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We offer a variety of services to our clients including

Snag Lists

A snag list is a list of visible defects evident in a finished property, and is an essential undertaking to ensure a purchaser is getting full value for money.

Site Assessments

Before excavation of foundations, it is always advised that an Engineer would undertake a site assessment.

Payment Certificate

Periodic supervision is often required by the various lending institutions, typically a stage payment form would confirm that the works carried out at a particular stage of the build.

Building Regulation Advice

Building Regulations first came into operation in Ireland in 1991; simply put their function is to set out in law a minimum standard for the construction of buildings.

Structural Design

The company have been involved in a wide range of projects involving all forms of construction using steelworks. 

Certificates of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance is normally provided to the home owner upon completion or purchase of a property. 

House Reports

House reports may be requested to assess the overall condition of an existing property for a prospective purchaser prior to completion of contracts.

Piled & Raft Foundations

Filled ground or soft ground with a low bearing capacity such as silts, loose sands, peaty soil, or soft clay often require an engineered solution.

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